Vehicle finance

Whether you are looking to purchase a small run-around, your first car, or a supercar, our team are ready to help. Our panel of lenders offer flexible car loans, low rates, and in most cases, approval within 24-48 hours.

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A car loan is essentially a personal loan secured against a vehicle. This vehicle will be used as collateral for the car loan.

Whether it is for a new or used car or work vehicle, purchasing from a dealership or a private seller, we have lenders available to suit your needs.

What is involved when applying for vehicle finance?

After speaking to one of our brokers about your financial situation and objectives, we will require some documentation used to determine the likelihood of the lender’s approval and will also be used to support your vehicle finance application.

We also offer low-doc car loans for people who are self-employed, where no tax returns are required.

Once your car loan application is submitted, in most cases we will hear back from the lender within 24-48 hours with your approval.

If you are purchasing from a car dealership, an invoice is required before funds can be released.

If you are purchasing a used car through a private seller, a vehicle inspection is required (this can be done relatively quickly, by the seller online) before the funds can be released.